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Re: Printing 11x17 with crop marks

At 8/12/2003 01:27 PM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>Also, why would a printing service want to use a PPD
>other than Adist5.ppd for the PDF that their press

Do you REALLY want to know?    (8^)>

By customizing the PPD, you can hack around with (1) level
of PostScript language used, (2) custom sizes (if any)
allowed, (3) what fonts are available (should be nothing
other than Courier, really), and (4) whether TrueType fonts
are supported natively.

For many improperly trained and/or bigoted prepress (alleged)
professionals, item (4) is the issue. By modifying a PPD to
indicate that there is no Type 42 font rasterizer, the "message"
goes back to the driver and/or application (in the case of
some Adobe applications) that TrueType fonts must be converted
to unhinted Type 1 outlines and/or bitmaps for output. Note that
is clearly not a correct PDF workflow!

        - Dov  

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