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Re: MS publisher

Ammo on the way ...

Microsoft Publisher is an amateur-hour program for at-best simple, 
short, paste-up publishing jobs and it isn't too good at that, either!
It certainly has no support for variables, indices, indexes, footnotes,

In fact, for serious publishing, there are groups within Microsoft 
that indeed use, gasp! FrameMaker and InDesign. Microsoft does not
Publisher for anything that gets seen publicly at least!

        - Dov

At 8/5/2003 09:10 AM, Les Winberg wrote:
>Hello Framers
>Should I just say NO?
>One of the IT guys and my boss told me that Publisher is the best for
>the long complicated docs I have been doing in FM for 2 years.
>I have a hunch they don't know beans and know they don't know FM.
>Give me ammo please.
>Les Winberg

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