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Re: Unresolved XREF error, but no "real" unresolved XREFs

Have you tried searching with all conditions visible? Also, have you looked
for unresolved x-refs on the master pages or reference pages?

On 8/1/03 3:15 PM, "Andrew Becraft" <andrew.becraft@highwire.com> wrote:

> Maybe I'm not searching correctly, but I'm not seeing this issue in the
> archives:
> I've conditionalized certain sections of my chapter files in a book, with
> very careful attention paid to make sure both XREF source and target are
> conditionalized as pairs. However, when I generate/update, I get an
> unresolved cross-reference error in my Book Error Log. The problem is that
> when I search for the unresolved cross-reference, FM can't find it.
> Similarly, I don't get the standard "This file contains broken
> cross-references" error message when I open the allegedly offending file.


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