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Unresolved XREF error, but no "real" unresolved XREFs

Hello everybody,

Maybe I'm not searching correctly, but I'm not seeing this issue in the

I've conditionalized certain sections of my chapter files in a book, with
very careful attention paid to make sure both XREF source and target are
conditionalized as pairs. However, when I generate/update, I get an
unresolved cross-reference error in my Book Error Log. The problem is that
when I search for the unresolved cross-reference, FM can't find it.
Similarly, I don't get the standard "This file contains broken
cross-references" error message when I open the allegedly offending file.

Rather strange.

Any thoughts?

Andrew Becraft
Technical Writer
Highwire, Inc.
T: 206-973-4274
E: andrew.becraft@highwire.com

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