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Re: MIF representation of CiteMaker variables

Neil Gould wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not certain how you are viewing the vertical
> bars, but chances are that they are high-order
> characters which display that way out of convenience
> to the application. Cutting and pasting probably
> strips those characters out, and MIF would translate
> their meaning into an internal reference. However,
> you should be able to view the character values with
> a hex viewer. The best way to do this would be to
> copy those segments to a new (small) FM document and
> then read the document directly with the hex viewer.
> Sorry that I can't point you to any hex applets, I
> wrote my own when I needed such a thing. But, you
> could probably turn up a few with a Google search.
> At any rate, the risk is that the bars are likely be
> different high-order characters with special meaning
> to the app that embeds them. Without understanding
> the schema, at best your attempt to use the coding
> would fail. I also wouldn't recommend messing with
> the internal reference numbers in a MIF file, as they
> are easy to corrupt. However, you should be able to
> process the variables as they appear in the MIF file,
> if that helps.

Hi, Neil,

I'm viewing the thick bars by opening up the window to
edit variable definitions:
Special->Variables->EditDefinition.  The bars appear
right after the numeric value in the Definition field.
I can't copy and paste them in any way at all.  In
fact, if I try to copy the contents of the Definition
field and paste it into a new variable definition, the
bars do not get copied (this is within the same
document, without even closing the Variables panel).

I just tried to duplicate the results I posted about
and I might have been mistaken.  The information
represented by the vertical bars are *not* contained in
the MIF file.  If I load in the MIF file, the variable
definitions do not contain vertical bars.  I have to
check to see if the CiteMaker plugin will still work
properly when the citations do not have these vertical
bars.  Otherwise, it's not even safe to render the
document into MIF format, as crucial information is
lost.  If however the loss of information does not
impede the compilation of cited references, then I can
safely manipulate the MIF file.


P.S.  Sent to comp.text.frame, adobe.framemaker, and
Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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