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FM7: formatting bar misreads para tags

I've noticed a bug in Frame 7.0p578 where, sometimes (for reasons unknown),
the formatting bar dropdown menu which lists the current paragraph tag lists
the WRONG para tag (usually an old format which is no longer applied to that

It's difficult to explain. If you put your cursor in any paragraph, the
current paragraph tag or name will be shown in two places:
1. in the formatting bar (top of window) AND
2. in the bottom left corner of the frame window.

So, sometimes 1. is incorrect (you know this because you've just changed the
para format), while 2. always remains accurate.

This is difficult to work with, because you have to learn to ignore the
formatting bar (or else you redo formats thinking they haven't been done).

I like to rely on the formatting bar.

Thanks in anticipation of any help!

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