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Re: OT:RE: FrameMaker Gets a Boost (news item in India Times, Nov. 24 )

In today's global economy a multi-national corporation like Adobe has no 
obligation whatsoever to give preference to US citizens,  whether they be 
stockholders, customers, or employees.

We have all been complaining that the releases after FM 5.1 have not 
produced substantive improvements in the product. Certainly the main reason 
for this slowdown in product improvement is the cost of making major 
changes to code that is more than 10 years old.

All Adobe is doing is trying to do is get the most bang for its software 
development buck, and if India is the place where that can be achieved, 
then so be it. That's not corporate greed, it's just common sense. It might 
even mean that Adobe has decided that doing the work in India makes it 
possible to rework the core code in FrameMaker, so as to give us, for 
instance, true Unicode support.

FrameMaker has been ready for a major revamp for at least 5 years. If the 
next major release doesn't deliver such a revamp, then a couple of years 
down the road FrameMaker will be discontinued, and we'll be left with no 
alternative but Office 11.

At 02:30 PM 11/25/02 -0500, walter.crockett@ascentialsoftware.com wrote:
>If I were an Adobe stockholder, I don't believe I'd let my greed get the
>better of my concern for the shape of the computer industry in America.
>Letting greed getting the better or principle is what's wrong with corporate
>America in the first place.
>If, in fact, Adobe was hiring these 50 programmers in India at the same
>wages as here, than I wouldn't care as much. Instead, quite obviously, they
>are looking to get the labor as cheaply as they can. This trend affects
>computer professionals everywhere, not just in America.
>Where did we get the impression that there was something divinely inspired
>in the logic of corporate and stockholder greed?
>Walter Crockett

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