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RE: FrameMaker Gets a Boost

I had intended to respond directly to the first reply, but when I saw the numerous messages supporting the first reply, I felt ashamed. Many of you are esteemed experts in the technical field with a multitude of backgrounds. There must be at least one person who is either from India or draws ancestry from there. Given demographic trends in the United States and elsewhere, such a person could be in a position to hire you in the near future.

Although the intent behind this message and those that support it is unknown, consider the real impact of such a statement. Even if you are supplied with all the information backing up Adobe's decision, I can think of no reason to hand out blanket judgments or exclude an entire population from the computer industry.

I applaud any organization for hiring those employees most skilled for the task. Thanks to Craig for instead underscoring the need to raise all the ships. The last time I checked, we're all sharing the ride.


> -----Original Message-----

> I'd be celebrating a lot more if those jobs were here in the 
> US. Considering our economy, I think it stinks to ship even more
> jobs off-shore.

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