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conditional text

Folks, forgive me if I am a day late and a dollar short, but I haven't used
Conditional Text for about ten years. It says in the Help that you can't use
it for text in a regular paragraph (at least I think that's what the help
means), but all their examples in the introduction of the help use it for
exactly that. Furthermore, that's the logical use for the capability and
it's how it used to work back in release 3 (or 2, or whenever that was years

Is this really true? If so, it seems totally unsuitable for what I need to
use it for--for example, numbered steps that appear or disappear depending
upon options available with our software, paragraphs, and just parts of
sentences. This is a blow to find out the capabilities have changed just
after I told management we could modify our documents for three different
conditions this way. Using anchored frames just seems to be a pain, and it
won't work for the numbered steps, I don't think.

Did C.T. really go backwards like this? Is there any workaround?  Aargh!

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