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RE: seeking good write-up/FAQ: how to bring legacy Frame docs into current template

Deb --

Rick Quatro has a FrameScript that does a BATCH convert of tag A to tag B
on a file. You can also set it to delete the old tag. And you can delete
a tag without converting it to another tag. You set the whole thing up
with a table that you edit in Frame before you run the script.

For example...

Old_Tag_Name    New_Tag_Name    Delete_Old_Tag?

FirstLevel      Heading1        X
Index8                          X
Info            Comment         

The first line would change paragraphs tagged FirstLevel to Heading1 
and delete the FirstLevel tag. The second line would delete the Index8
tag, not changing anything tagged as Index8 to any other tag. The third
line would change anything tagged Info to Comment, but not delete the
Info tag (i.e., they use Info where you use Comment, and you use Info
for something else). 

This will get you partway there; you may find that the old template
uses one tag for a category where you use two, or vice versa, like
constants vs. variables.

I'm still dealing with this issue from the point of the company that 
got bought out. Some of our stuff just doesn't fit the new/official 
template very well (for example, they don't use conditional text much
at all, since most of their stuff is not platform-specific the way ours
is). On behalf of the acquired company, if you find something in their 
template that you can't figure out how to fit into your template, 
please consider adding it to your template. 

Ananda Stevens

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