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seeking good write-up/FAQ: how to bring legacy Frame docs into current template

Hello, Framers,

I *know* I've written about this (how to get old content into new
templates without corroding the new template) back in the olden days
(1996-1997), and I know others have written up the same thing better and
in more detail. However, I haven't been able to find any of those
messages by searching the framers database. 

Anyone have such a thing stashed? I'm facing the prospect once again,
and while *I* can do it just fine, I may not be the one doing all the
conversions (old template to new), and I'm likely to forget some little
gotcha detail if I try to write it up for others as a brain dump.

This job isn't just a matter of importing formats; the old template
belongs to an acquired company, and the new template is the acquiring
company, and only the Body tag exists in common!). 

Thanks in advance,
Deborah Snavely
Document Architect

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