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Re: Heeeeelp!! Cross-references picking up non-existent characters [OKAYAGAIN]


Thanks for the suggestions.  Thomas Michanek summarised most of them ...

> >       See 'To create a new password  144', on page 99
> >
> > The "  144" is an en quad followed by a number which varies.  There is
> > en quad defined in the cross-reference format.  There is no en quad and
> > number at the end of the target heading.
> >
> > When you open the Cross-Reference dialogue, the spurious characters are
> > visible at the end of the paragraphs listed in the right pane.
> >
> > Searching for these characters in the body text finds NOTHING!
> Hedley, some of these suggestions may seem obvious:
> Have you tried restarting FM and your computer? (this is Windows...)

Yes; didn't work.

> Have you tried saving your documents to MIF and back to binary?

Yes, and looked for \sn characters just in case; none found; saving
back to binary didn't work.

> If you put the cursor at the end of the heading and use the arrow
> keys, does the cursor stay put, as if there's an invisible character?

No; tried that.  Tried searching for \sn in file; none found.

> Have you tried re-importing cross-ref formats from a template?

Didn't work.

> Have these documents recently been transferred from a Mac system,
> via FTP or email, or via any other non-Windows file system?

No, born in Windows 2000 and died in Windows 2000.

> Could your use of FrameScript or Enhance be the culprit?

Possibly, but the only script is an event script that turns off
Graphics > Snap.   8)

Donna Jones suggested ...
> Check your autonumbering for the paragraph (Numbering tab in the
> Designer). It's possible that the number is being generated through that.
> A search wouldn't pick up on those.

Numbering was fine.

Some further notes:

@ The number in "\sn  144" is the page number of the target paragraph.
@ When I had to cross-refer to a chapter title, the paragraph list showed

   4 \sn Reporting: monitoring your business
   4 \sn \sm
   4 \sn \sm
   4 \sn \sm
   4 \sn \sm

  Highlighting one of these items showed a strange string in the Source
  display-only field, to whit, "Pages 97-AppdxFirst_L" as the page range.
  "AppdxFirst_L" is the name of a appendix title master page, so somehow
  Cross Reference dialogue was picking up a range that starts on a body
  but ends on a master page!!

@ As it happens, the problem spontaneously righted itself after closing and
  opening the file, although this measure had not worked before.  I might
  that FrameMaker had been running for 6 days without being exited ...
  2000 is so stable that I just leave things running all the time.  So
  there is a variant of our old friend the memory leak that gradually gets
  over time.


Hedley Finger
Technical Communications/Technical communicator and FrameMaker mentor
MYOB Australia <http://www.myob.com.au/>
P.O. box 371   Blackburn VIC 3130   Australia
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