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Recommend FrameMaker courses in Austria/Germany?


Question for European readers--we're looking for FrameMaker training for
some people in our Vienna office.  I think it would only be one or two
persons so on-site is not an attractive option.

Level of course:  beginning FrameMaker, with emphasis on properly using
pre-made templates and publishing mainly in PDF.  (We have standard
templates so they don't have to learn about creating/maintaining templates.
We also have support people for PDF--umm, that'd be myself.)

Location:  Vienna, or somewhere reasonably handy to Vienna (I guess most of
central Europe qualifies).

Version and system:  FrameMaker 5.5.6 on Win NT or something similar.  (No
FrameMaker macros, alas.)

Language of course:  German (Austrian?)would be best; English would probably
be acceptable.

All suggestions welcome.  If I've left anything out in the
requirements/preferences, let me know and I'll try to clarify.

Ed (hmm, could *I* teach the course myself??!?) Treijs

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