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OT: Starting Documentation Department

I know I've seen posts related to this, but cannot make any of the archives
yield the results I want. sigh. So I appeal to your collective wisdom and
generous spirit.

My company has decided to start up a documentation department at the
corporate level to unify the various splinter efforts underway in our many
recent acquisitions and provide documentation for those products that have
none at present. I've been solicited as a candidate to head up this
corporate documentation effort.

Wow. I've a good idea of my strengths and weaknesses, as do many of you. <g>
But I could use advice from those of you who lead departments now, have done
in the past, or have good ideas if only you _could_ lead a department.

Where do we start? What should the priorities be? How do you blend existing
talent into a cohesive team? What are the lurking 'gotchas'? What other
questions should I be asking?

Of course, I'm looking for your ideas, plus where to find resources to read
that would be valuable. I'll be going to HQ within the month for the initial
planning phase, and this will in effect be an interview situation for me.
I'd like to have the best ammunition I can at that time.

Thank you and please respond privately as this is most likely not a topic of
universal interest. If I find I am wrong about that, I'll summarize and

Janet Lohmeyer
Software Documentation Specialist
The InterCept Group
719 632-9570 (voice)
719 636-9439 (fax)

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