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Re: "Unavailable" Fonts


I had a similar problem that I couldn't shake with FM 5.5 but which
*disappeared* when I went to FM 6!
Cases where I "knew" (or thought that I knew) that I was using no font that
wasn't available.
Of course, once I had let Frame "replace" them all, I couldn't find where
they "had been". !*&^%%$
Next time I opened the file the same thing happened: Frame would squawk and
"replace" the supposedly AWOL fonts.
Over and over.

None of my local experts could help, but we did conjure up a theory that the
problem relied on some
external, possibly system, problem, perhaps involving Adobe TypeManager?
The problem went away after my PC was completely nuked and repopulated with
and upgraded to FM6 (and the current ATM etc.)

Until these recent posts, I had no idea that Frame had a "Preference" as
"set Frame not to remember missing fonts".
Learning this caused a mixture of "Aaahh" , "What the *&^%%$ is that for?",
and "HOW do you set this???". I have to report that I searched the FM help
fruitlessly (as usual):
neither "font" nor "missing" yielded anything. I probably should have
searched for "Preferences",
but if I knew that I wouldn't be searching the help. !?!?!*&^%%$
Could have fired off a plea to the list for help, but decided to find it
The first place I looked was File, then Preferences. Must have good

But can anyone give us one good reason for this setting to exist?

Christopher Knight, Technical Communicator
E-mail: cknight@attcanada.ca
Phone: (604) 877-0074

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