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RE: Unavailable Fonts after Upgrading to 6.0


Two suggestions for permanent fix, plus a workaround:
1. Make sure that you've got the latest version of Adobe Type Manager
(ATM) installed 
The Windows FrameMaker installer historically requires that you install
all the REQUIRED pieces individually, and it may still be true for 6.0;
I don't remember from when I did it.
When I did, I didn't have the font problem that you describe, but my
brain retains the Win/Frame installation process as: install Frame,
install Acrobat, install ATM, install fonts (and reload them all into
ATM after installation is done), and make certain I have the current
correct #$%@! Windows-joke PostScript printer driver installed and
configured and set to default. (That's not a poke at Adobe, that's a
comment on Windows printing.)

2. Getting rid of "missing" fonts in FrameMaker is an FAQ. Thomas
Michanek's site (anyone got the URL handy? sorry folks, I don't)
includes a great FAQ document on how to deal with the problem, but if
all the fonts were there under 5.5.3 and you haven't changed systems or
fonts going to 6.0, there's no reason for you to get the missing fonts
message in the first place.

Meanwhile, workaround for re-generating and updating books in which this
problem isn't yet resolved:
1. Open book file.
2. Open all files in book and respond to dialogs.
3. View the book file and do all your re-generating updating with all
files open.
4. Make sure you Save All Files in Book!

Deborah Snavely

Date: 14 Jan 2001 15:05:54 -0800
From: Suzette Leeming <techwriter@techemail.com>
Subject: Unavailable Fonts after Upgrading to 6.0

I just installed FrameMaker 6.0 on Win98. I opened some files 
that were created in 5.5.3, but I had the following problems:

* I could not save on top of the old files - it kept telling me 
I didn't have write permission (?). I solved that (sort of) by 
saving in a different location.

* When I open a file, it tells me the document uses unavailable 
fonts. I have changed the default fonts for my paragraph tags to 
use available ones, and saved. It keeps telling me that there are 
unavailable fonts though, each time I try to open, and therefore 
I cannot generate the book or print, etc. I've gone through the 
document (even the master page) and cannot see anywhere that the 
'old' font information is being used.

Would anybody be able to tell me how to fix this problem?

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