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RE: Large PS files created on Windows 2000


Please send me (off-list, of course) a short sample document
(no more than ten pages) that exhibits the problem. Send me the
.fm file (and any artwork) and the .ps file you get. Your results
are obviously not matching mine with the samples I am producing 
and I want to see what is going on. (Note, make sure the "Available
PostScript Memory" setting is set to at least 4096k. See whether
boosting that changes anything in terms of whether you get the
font definitions repeating on each page.

        - Dov

PS: In a separate email, I am attaching a .fm file and the associated .ps
file generated from it. Each page is the same and uses the same three fonts.
In the PostScript, the three font definitions occur on page 1, but not on
the additional pages.

At 1/12/2001 12:23 PM, Steve Kubis wrote:
>Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, your suggestions don't seem to
>resolve the issue.
>Both the Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 settings for the Adobe PS driver
>are set to "Optimize for Speed". Per your previous recommendation at a
>FrameUser's Conference, we don't change that. When I set the output to be
>Binary instead of ASCII, the file size is reduced from 132 Meg to 72.4 Meg.
>That's smaller, but certainly not as small as the 11.5 Meg PostScript file
>that's generated from the same set of files on Windows NT 4.0.
>I can open the binary PS file created on Windows 2000 and still find all of
>embedded font references. It's apparent they're not in ASCII form any
>longer, but they're most certainly there.
>This behavior is occurring on two separate installations of Windows 2000.
>One occurs with Frame 5.56, and the other occurs with Frame 6.
>>From your comments, it seems that the PostScript driver may be ignoring the
>fact that I'm telling it to Optimize for Speed. Are there any other settings
>that tell the driver to embed all of the fonts each time they're used on a
>As always, thanks for the help you're providing.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dov Isaacs [mailto:isaacs@Adobe.COM]
>Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 2:07 PM
>To: Steve Kubis
>Cc: framers@FrameUsers.com
>Subject: Re: Large PS files created on Windows 2000
>Importance: High
>Check your driver settings! 
>Under the "advanced=>printing defaults=>layout=>advanced"
>        go down the "tree" to
>        "document options=>PostScript options=>PostScript output option"
>The default setting for this is "optimize for speed" which is exactly what
>it should be set for. If for some reason you have it set for 
>"optimize for portability" or possibly "archive format", the driver will
>indeed "repeat" font definitions on every single page.
>With FrameMaker 5.5.6 and 6.0 (or for that matter, any other application
>that we know of in combination with the Distiller), there is NO known reason
>to use the "optimize for portability" option. Use "optimize for
>Also, you definitely use output protocol "binary" with NO CTRL-D before or
>after the job. This can cut your PostScript file by up to 50% (your mileage
>may vary; typical results with fonts and big images usually are up to 25%
>        - Dov


>At 1/12/2001 11:56 AM, Steve Kubis wrote:
>>We're making our way to Windows 2000, and have run into an interesting
>>when generating .PS files from FrameMaker--they're enormous!
>>Windows 2000 Server
>>FrameMaker 5.56
>>Adobe's Universal PS Driver (1.02)
>>Acrobat Distiller PPD from Acrobat 4
>>PostScript fonts: Palatino, Univers, Rotis, Courier
>>As an example, I have a FrameMaker book with 36 files in it, for a total of
>>330 pages. When I generate a PostScript file for this book on Windows NT
>>4.0, the file is 12.9 megabytes. When I generate the same PostScript file
>>for the very same book on Windows 2000, the file is _132_ megabytes. That's
>>over 10 times larger! Both PostScript files are being generated in ASCII
>>The issue seems to be how PostScript fonts are embedded. On Windows NT 4,
>>only one instance of each PostScript font in included in the file. On
>>Windows 2000, each font is embedded dozens and dozens of times. For
>>in one small PostScript file I generated, 10 different font instances were
>>used. THe Windows NT 4.0 version included only 10 instances. The version
>>generated on Windows 2000 had 189 font instances. Those duplicate font
>>instances represent a bloat of 10.5 megabytes!
>>So, we're trying to figure out how to get the Universal PS driver on
>>2000 to stop embedding all of these duplicate font instances. So far, we're
>>not having any luck. Does anybody have and suggestions how to do this?
>>Thanks in advance.

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