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Unavailable Fonts after Upgrading to 6.0

I just installed FrameMaker 6.0 on Win98. I opened some files that were created in 5.5.3, but I had the following problems:

* I could not save on top of the old files - it kept telling me I didn't have write permission (?). I solved that (sort of) by saving in a different location.

* When I open a file, it tells me the document uses unavailable fonts. I have changed the default fonts for my paragraph tags to use available ones, and saved. It keeps telling me that there are unavailable fonts though, each time I try to open, and therefore I cannot generate the book or print, etc. I've gone through the document (even the master page) and cannot see anywhere that the 'old' font information is being used.

Would anybody be able to tell me how to fix this problem?


Suzette Leeming
Technical Writer
Markham, Ontario

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