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Re: FM 6.0 Windows 2 Unix

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From: "Stephen SANDRA" <stephens@broadxent.com>
> I am making a career move which will place me in a company that only uses
> Unix PCs. I have become so accustomed to using shortcut keys in FrameMaker
> for Windows that I now can't live without them. Unfortunately, shortcut
> keys for the Windows version FrameMaker don't work on Unix systems.
> Now my question is [since I have no experience working with FrameMaker for
> Unix], are there shortcut keys for Unix FrameMaker? 

Apart from the "universal" Esc shortcuts, there are UNIX-specific
shortcuts using Ctrl and Meta keys, such as Ctrl+K for deleting
text to the end of line, and Meta+U to make a word upper case.
These are listed on the Quick Reference Card that comes with FM,
and on MicroType's website:

Since UNIX FM has built-in macro recording, you can define your
own shortcuts, even the Ctrl ones you're used to from Windows.
However, doing so will override any standard Ctrl shortcuts
that use the same keys, e.g. Ctrl+S means Search on UNIX.

Finally, SUN keyboards come with a set of function keys that
work in FM: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Find, etc.

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