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> This is what happens to us all the time (we have the same setup--NT
> Macs used for publications). We have never found out why, when no one else
> has the file open, it gives this message. If you ignore the message and
> the okay button, it seems to be fine, but it's a pain because you can't
> just hit the return key because the default on the message window is
> Has anyone else had this problem and figured out why it does this?

This is an NT problem here. The server does not recognize who is working on
the document. A Macintosh automatically locks an open file for other users
(via AppleShare or FileSharing), the NT cannot do this. And you cannot do
anything about this. :-((

You can protect yourself from file corruption on those occasions when
someone else IS editing the same file. Choose File > Preferences and set
Network File Locking ON.  This supplements any file locking available from
the operating system by creating a small *.lck file which stores the name of
the current user, allowing someone else attempting to access the file to
find out who already owns it.  (This is the default method used by FM on

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