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Re: using tables


There has been ... though not like spreadsheets so much as like word
processor tables.

I am too busy & disorganized at this instant to respond properly. 
However, I have got some basic stuff that you can put in your FM config
file to enable FUNCTION KEYS to move around in tables for you.  In FM556
you can forget about using the cursor keys for inter-cell table

Also, Rick Quatro  ( mailto:frameexpert@mindspring.com ) whipped up a
little FrameScript to do various movement into/out-of tables, etc.  This
script is probably still in "beta" and I have been negligent in testing
it out (sorry Rick -- I WILL get to it).


> Has there been any discussion concerning making FrameMaker tables act like
> normal spreadsheets.  Basically, allowing one to move around with the arrow
> keys and not having to click with the mouse or tab through every field to
> reach the one you want.
> Thanks
> Chad Easterling
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