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Converting WordArt to .GIF

G'day folks,

I have been stuck (struck?) with a number of Word docs as source for a
FrameMaker 5.5.6 project on Solaris.

Converting the files was no great drama after a few initial glitches,
with even the WordArt pix converting across with FrameVector/WMF facets.
This was OK until this morning, when (of course) the dreaded grey boxes
replaced the pix when I opened Frame.

Luckily, I still have the interim Word/Frame conversion files, but now
need to somehow convert those bloody WordArt pix to a format I can
import by reference. GIF is preferred, but any format compatible with
UNIX, Frame and WebWorks Publisher HTML will do.

Suggestions please?

John Pitt, Technical Writer
Telstra Intelligent Network Platforms
Level 4, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney
02 9206 3525
02 9692 8096

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