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SUMMARY: Converting WordArt to .GIF

G'day again

Yesterday, I asked for suggestions re extracting .GIF files from WordArt
in Word docs.

Ta to Rachel Bowen, Dmitri Yunov, Anne Harper and Steve "Legend"
Schwedland for some excellent suggestions:

Method 1. Convert the original Word docs to html, which automatically
converts the WordArt to .GIF. Quick, simple, gives good results for most
pix (but I had a few pix which made Word spit the dummy -- it refused to
convert them -- which reinforces everything I have ever said about Word

Method 2. Run the Word > Frame converted docs through WebWorks
Publisher, which automatically converts the WordArt to .GIF (or several
other formats). This is a longer path than Method 1. (but luckily I
already had done this, so could just find the appropriate .GIFs and
import them into Frame). The quality of the .GIFs made by this method is
inferior to Word > html conversions (bug-ger!), but this is probably
because they had already been converted once before by Frame. All of the
pix converted, however, so I will probably use this method for graphics
not converted by Method 1.

Method 3. Make a Word > PDF of the original docs, open in Photoshop and
zoom to 1600%, copy the selected area using Photoshop's Graphics Select
tool. Open a new Photoshop doc and the material on the clipboard will
paste into the new  doc automagically. Can downsample and export as .GIF
and/or save as a high res original. Pretty slick, if time-consuming, and
certainly worth doing for high-quality originals. Unfortunately, the
version of Photoshop available here under Solaris (v3.1) refuses to get
out of bed for me, so this will have to wait.

Ta all


John Pitt, Technical Writer
Telstra Intelligent Network Platforms
Level 4, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney
02 9206 3525
02 9692 8096

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