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Re: 16 Bit Color Mode

At 12:56 PM +1100 12/6/99, Marcus Carr wrote:
>Does anyone have any information about running FrameMaker 5.5.6 for UNIX
>(Sun Sparc Solaris 2.5.1) in 16 bit colour mode? Are there any special
>command options or Xresources changes that need to be made to run
>FrameMaker in 16 bit colour mode? Is it even possible? Any information
>much appreciated.

A belated reply to this early December question: there is no support in FrameMaker Unix for either 15- or 16-bit color. Your best bets are 8-bit or 24-bit. Even if you find a way to run FrameMaker in this mode, there will be nasty memory trashing happening underneath that will eventually cause a crash or data corruption.

FrameMaker has had this limitation for several releases; mostly nobody noticed. But it turns out that a lot of Linux users run with 16-bit video, so we've received a fair amount of feedback in the last few weeks about 16-bit color. 


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