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Re: Frame+SGML to PDF: bookmark problem

At 11:27 AM 1/7/00 -0800, Bea Deering wrote:
>I'm using element tags (actually I'm using context labels) when specifying
>bookmarks. We don't use many paragraph tags in our EDD, and don't have any for
>the text-string elements. In other words, <command> IS a text-string element,
>but its font change instructions are coded directly in the EDD, not in a para
There is a bug in FM+SGML that fails to include text-range-type elements
within paragraph-type elements when generating bookmarks from element tags.
The bug has been there since V5.1.x, and was not fixed in release 5.5.x
despite the fact that the problem was made known to Adobe well before the
initial 5.5 release.

The only workaround is to specify paragraph tags instead of element tags for
bookmarks in the print dialog. This means that, to make it work, the EDD
format rules for the section heads must specify a different base-level
paragraph tag for each section level so that they can be distinguished when
generating bookmarks. When you use this workaround, the text-range elements
within the section titles will be incluuded in the bookmarks.
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