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Re: Frame+SGML to PDF: bookmark problem

At 04:02 PM 1/6/00 -0800, Bea Deering wrote:
>Sometimes in our section headings
>we mark up particular words with sub-elements so that they'll format
>differently, and to reflect the structure of the heading. Here's an example
>using SGML markup:
>   <section>
>   <title>Using the <command>create database</command> Command</title
>In the resulting PDF, the bookmark is truncated after "create database"; the
>word "Command" does not show up. Like this:
>   Using the create database
>In other words, the bookmark displays correctly until after the element tag
>closes. This happens no matter what element tag I use. (This occurs only in the
>list of bookmarks, not in the text itself.) Has anyone experienced this, and is
>there a solution? I tested it using a character tag instead of an element, and
>that works, but using character tags in a structured document is not my idea of
>a solution.
But why can't you make sub-element command a text-string-type element in
your EDD? The EDD format rules for that element specify the character tag to
be applied to the text string.

Also, when you specify the bookmmarks, are you using paragraph tags or
element tags?
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