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Mentions of InFrame

Dear FrameMaker Colleagues,

All mentions of InFrame are greatly appreciated on the lists. I subscribe only to the digests (and digests of several other professional lists as well). I do try to read these digests in a timely manner, but there are some topics or issues that I find less appealing. There are also bound to be days I'm rushed. I wish I could read all posts thoroughly enough to notice when you mention a possibly good topic for InFrame, but I too, like many of you, have limited time.

If you want to MAKE SURE that you get my attention, you must do so by copying by be on the post, forwarding me the post, or any other manner so it comes as a separate email. I welcome these emails. This applies to cases where you're only suggesting a possible topic, or hoping that I will see if someone else will write on the topic you'd like to see us have in a future InFrame issue.

So, please keep those offers, suggestions, and even brickbats coming. It's the only way we can better serve you.

Paul K. Schulte
InFrame Production Manager
Visit us at:

To contact me directly at:


     or for some email browsers:


(You'll note this is different from the address I use to post to Framers.)

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