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Re: FM+SGML - Character entities - Unicode (latin2, latin extended A)

At 11:35 AM 1/5/00 -0500, rallen25@csc.com wrote:
>Hi All
>In the default isolat2.rw which ships with FM+SGML are some character
entities I
>need for publishing.
>Character      Unicode
>ccaron         010d
>ecaron         011c
>nacute         0144
>rcaron         0159
>zacute         017a
>There is no translation availble for these entities and instead the isolat2.rw
>/* No rule for entity "ccaron" */
>What do I need to do provide character display for these entities?
In the table above, you've labeled the second column as "Unicode".
You must convert each Unicode value to the corresponding two-digit hex code
value for the character in the font you are using, and replace /* No rule
for entity "ccaron" */ with a read/write rule of the form:

entity "ccaron" is fm char 0x0d;

where 0d is assumed to be the 2-digit hex code for the ccaron character.

There are, however, two caveats:

1. In FrameMaker, there are 5 or 6 locked code points which cannot be used.
If any of the characters you need has the hex code of one of these code
points, you're out of luck.

2. If any of the hex code values in isolat2.rw also appear in r/w rules in
isolat1.rw, then you're going to have trouble, even if you specify
isolat2.rw as taking precedence over isolat1.rw. This is a bug in FM+SGML
which ignores the specified precedence and instead chooses the isolat1.rw
character when importing an SGML document instance into FM+SGML. There's a
nasty workaround, but offhand I don't recall the details of it. If you can
get hold of the right person at Adobe (iffy at best), they might be able to
help you.
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