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JOB: tech writer(s), Chicago area

Hi all--

We have a position opening for a tech writer or two. (We have
one open position, and one of our writers is moving into a 
programmer position.)

We are looking for someone who has the aptitude to learn some 
pretty technical  stuff. (If you do not have a lot of experience 
with tech writing, that's okay -- the technical aptitude is 
more important.) Big plusses include interests in computers, 
programming, a science or math background, any teaching/training/
tutoring experience, and/or graphics experience. We have a casual 
office, and you would be working in the engineering department 
(yes, knowledge of Dilbert, Star Trek, the Far Side, Monty Python, 
and science fiction in general would be welcome ;-). Benefits 
might include things like 401K, employee stock purchase plan, 
medical/dental, tuition reimbursement, and other stuff. (HR says 
I can not be specific on-line....) 

The official job description is on the corp web site at 

We are located in Lombard, IL, one of the western suburbs of

Contact me for more information:
    Ananda Stevens  
    630.971.6224 (direct line)

BTW: If this position sounds interesting, but you and your 
family live in the San Francisco area and don't want to move, 
check out WindRiver's web site. They have a couple of 
positions open in the Bay area. 

--Ananda Stevens
Technical Publications Specialist, Diab-SDS (part of WindRiver)
www.sdsi.com and www.diabdata.com and www.windriver.com

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