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Re: Author/Editor PC->Mac->PC Comparison Experiences Wanted


A couple of possibilities:

1. Set him up with the real Acrobat and let him create annotations.  They can be
located, copied and pasted into your original a whole lot more easily than
working with comparison documents.

2. Train him how to change text and caution him about the value of his time
being better used for text than for layout suggestions (may not work, but only
if he gets it will your Frame files be really reusable after the round trip,
since the comparison is pretty clunky where table content changes are

3. Let him have his fun with the Frame Files, and then plan to work with yours
and his side-by-side on your PC.

When you get this one solved, I expect a lot of Frame folks would like to hear
your solution!
Alice Preston
Telcordia Technologies
Piscataway, NJ  USA

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