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Single entry index problem

(Cross-posted to both lists)


I have a quick question about formatting an index. The basics are Win98, FM
5.5.6. I am creating a numerical index for our parts manuals. I have the items
marked and the index generates just fine. The problem is I want the entries to
be single lines for each instance, even when the same part number occurs on
several different pages. For example, currently I get this for a part number
that occurs on two different pages

01010-51006         B-30, C-56

What I want to happen is this:

01010-51006         B-30
01010-51006         C-56

Is there a way to either mark the index entries to split in this fashion or is
there a way to formulate the reference page to get this affect?


Sean A. Smither
Supervisor, Service Publications
DataKom Publishing Corporation

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