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RE: Video card recommendations?

I am getting a Matrox G400+ for my system (also NT). However, in checking
with Matrox, the dual monitor aspects of the video card only allows an
extension of the monitor---imagine your screen displayed over two monitors
and moving your cursor seamlessly between the two. If set up properly, I
could place the catalogs and designers on the right side leaving the left
monitor for the working area.

I have used the Matrox Productiva 8MB card under both NT (service pack 3 and
5) and also under Win98 with no problems.


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I like the Matrox G400+. I like Matrox cards for DTP in general, Matrox's 2D
continues to be excellent and it's 3D and gaming pretty solid. I used to use
Number 9 cards, too, but that company hasn't had a competitive release in a
long time. Other cards, such as the Voodoo 3 do good 2D and wonderful 3D
gaming, plus are easier, I think, to overclock.

For FrameMaker and Adobe in general, I'd avoid STB and ATI, based on poor
performance and/or driver issues . . . but maybe I am alone in that.

Best regards,


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> Subject:	OT: Video card recommendations?
> After getting the blue screen of death twelve times in two days, 
> MIS decided that my current video driver does not play well 
> with NT 4 service pack 5.  
> This means I get to pick out a new video card (Yaaay!). 
> Anyone have any favorites? any black-listed cards?  
> I use Frame more than anything else, but I do have a lot 
> of Adobe stuff on this machine (Photoshop, Illustrator, 
> GoLive, InDesign, PressReady, ATM, etc.). 3D acceleration
> is relatively low on the priority list. I often have twelve or 
> more windows open at the same time, running five to ten
> different apps. Suggestions? 
> Thanks,
> Ananda Stevens

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