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Re: !!! FrameMaker für Linux !!!

At 10:50 AM -0500 12/15/99, Sarah O'Keefe wrote:

>Adobe has made a beta version of FrameMaker for Linux available for
>download. Information and the link is already available at the
>(frame-users.de) site.
>Here's the link on Adobe's site:

The download page went live this morning at 5:00a Pacific time. You can view the official Adobe press release at


I've attached a copy of the release notes below, which are included in the main .tar.gz file.

Merry Christmas. <g>


: Lee Richardson      : mailto:lhr@adobe.com : +1 408.536.6412     :
: Dev Mgr, FrameMaker : Adobe Systems, Inc   : +1 408.537.5113 fax :

From ./FM556_linux/README
ReadMe for Adobe FrameMaker® 5.5.6b226

Thank you for trying Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.6 for Linux beta software. 
This ReadMe document lists what's available in this release, known 
bugs and workarounds, and where to go for more information.

The 5.5.6 Linux release of FrameMaker is based on the FrameMaker 
5.5.6p145 Unix release. It provides core document creation and layout 
features, saves and prints, and can exchange documents with other 
versions of FrameMaker through either FASL or MIF. Specific features 

* FM 5.5.6 application supporting FASL (binary) and MIF (interchange)
  file formats
* English (US, UK) dictionaries and hyphenation
* PostScript fonts and printing to PostScript-based printers
* Color libraries, including Pantone
* Standard FM clients (HTML Export, WordCount, FMBatch, ...)
* PNG and JPEG import filters based on NetPBM filter set

This beta release does not include the following:

* Acrobat Distiller
* Text or graphic import or export through Inso or Itedo filters
* Localized user interfaces (e.g., French, German, Japanese)
* Authoring in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean
* Adobe Online or PlacedPDF support

System Requirements

* Intel® Pentium processor or greater
* 32Mb RAM, 64Mb or greater recommended
* 80-150Mb RAM + swap space recommended
* 100Mb available hard disk space

* Linux OS with glibc 2.0.7 or better (glibc 2.1 or better recommended)
* portmap/rpcbind services installed (RFC 1833)
* X Windows System X11R5 or later (for XFree86, version 3.3.x or better)

Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.6 for Linux has been tested against Caldera 2.2, 
Red Hat 6.1, and SuSE 6.1.


Installation instructions and licensing setup are documented in the 
email you received with your registration number. If you need a 
license, please use this URL:


Known Bugs

This release contains the following known issues:

* Graphic export through HTML or XML is not supported

* KB Shortcut Shift-Tab, to move the focus backward through a dialog,
  does not work

* Some navigational keys--Home, Pg Dn, Pg Up, Home, End, arrows--don't work

Reporting Problems

Please note that Adobe FrameMaker 5.5.6 Beta for Linux is not a 
supported product, as described in the Beta End User License 
Agreement included with the product. Adobe Technical Support will not 
be able to answer questions or solve problems you may run into.

However, we would like feedback! If you find bugs or have other items 
you would like us to know, please use:


We cannot personally respond to your comments, but appreciate any 
information you care to send us about your experiences with 
FrameMaker on Linux.

For More Information

Please use the following URLs for more information about Adobe, Adobe 
FrameMaker, or Adobe FrameMaker on Linux.

General Adobe information

The FrameMaker home page

FrameMaker on Linux

Getting Technical Information

Adobe provides easy access to several large databases of technical 
notes and support issues. These databases contain information created 
by Adobe Technical Support and Customer Service regarding commonly 
asked technical questions and general information about Adobe 
products and programs.

This information is available from the following sources:

* From the World Wide Web. Use your Web browser to access

* From the FaxYI FAX system, which can fax a document to you. Call 
  206-675-6137 and follow the prompts.

* From the automated "techdocs" e-mail service, which can e-mail a 
  document to you. Send an e-mail to techdocs@adobe.com and request the 
  index by putting the number 100099 in the subject line.

Copyright (C) 1999 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. 
Adobe, the Adobe logo, FrameMaker, FrameMaker+SGML, and FrameViewer 
are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All other brand or 
product names are trademarks of their respective companies or 

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