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Designing Content

This is off-topic from Framemaker proper. 

I was wondering if anyone knew of any books, essays, etc., that describe the make-up of the various documentation that are typical of the technologies industries. E.g., what are the expectations for the content of a  Functional Spec? A System Administration User Manual? And so on. I understand that to a large degree design is context specific; manuals are designed to fit particular needs. However, there does appear to be enough consistency to make standards possible. I'm not trying to being ironic when I ask: Has anything comprehensive been written?

I've been in the industry for five plus years, now, but I learned on the job - not a bad was to go, really. However, I'm wondering if I could do a lot better at designing manuals. Plus folks are always asking me about standards and I'm unable to give a good answer beyond my own direct experience. Having access to some industry standards would be helpful. 

Thanks in advance.


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