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RE: WinHelp to PDF Links

Have you tried the http://www.blue-sky.com site, home of RoboHELP?  They
have a number of lists devoted to JavaHelp, HTML Help, RoboHELP Classic =
WinHelp4, etc. that may be able to assist.  I saw a query similar to yours a
few days ago but deleted it as not being of interest to me.


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> From:	Carter Campbell [SMTP:ccampbell@STERNE.AB.CA]
> Sent:	Tuesday, November 16, 1999 2:50 AM
> To:	Framers@FrameUsers.com
> Subject:	WinHelp to PDF Links
> Hi All;
> I am trying to connect a link in a help file to a specific location in a
> .pdf file.  For instance, if the user clicks on a topic or a hotpoint in a
> standard WinHelp file, I would like to have a .pdf file opened up to a
> specified location.
> I have looked around in the archives, in a multitude of web sites, etc.,
> and
> have found nothing on this.  I have found information on calling a .pdf
> from
> an HTML file, but nothing on a standard WinHelp file.  Are the procedures
> the same for WinHelp as they are for HTML help?
> Does anyone know how to do this or where I could find out this
> information?
> Thanks.
> Carter Campbell
> ccampbell@sterne.ab.ca
> Technical Writer Guy
> Sterne Stackhouse Inc.
> Calgary Alberta
> Canada
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