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RE: Take the Plunge!

the other comparison I have been approached on several times is 
FrameMaker VS Ventura 
Lets try and tackle this one 

Christopher Gultch 

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Kevin Schulte [mailto:paul.k.schulte@medtronic.com]
Sent: Friday, November 12, 1999 10:31 AM
To: Framers@FrameUsers.com; framers@omsys.com
Subject: Take the Plunge!

Dear FrameMaker Colleagues,

Avid readers of InFrame have already requested two topics upon which no one
had yet offered to write. They are:

1>  Justifying FrameMaker (vs. Other SW Packages)
2>  FrameMaker Vs. Microsoft Word

These two topics come up on the Framers lists quite often. I have some
excerpts and materials from various list members from over the years, but we
are seeking people willing to share their work on these topics, or authors
willing to tackle this topic in 1999.

I also wish to comment upon the types of pieces we seek in more general
terms. We seek material that will all users of FrameMaker, whether they be
"newbies" or novices, whether they be mid-level users, or whether they be
"veterans" or super users of FrameMaker. We want everyone who even has to
dabble with FrameMaker to feel comfortable and included in InFrame.

We also welcome replies to already posted articles. You may have a different
or new technique that helps you get the job done in a different manner. Or
you may prefer a different approach. We want this type of discussion to
thrive in InFrame, just as it often does on the Framers lists.

So, Take the Plunge! We need you to continue bringing Issues of InFrame.

Paul K. Schulte
InFrame Production Manager
Visit us at:


As to how to post contributions or submissions to InFrame, it's simple.
Please forward your submission directly to me at:


     or for some email browsers:


(You'll note this is different from the address I use to post to Framers.)

Even it you're not sure if the topic would interest your fellow Framers,
please consider writing it up. If you'd prefer, you can email me your
proposal and we can discuss whether it fits.

A brief note about submission requirements: We prefer FrameMaker 5.5.6 and
below and all graphics as either tif or bmp. We will handle the conversions
necessary for our site. If necessary for the article's look and feel, we can
handle Acrobat 4 and below.

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