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Re: Frame 5.5.3 Change/Find bug causing crash not limitedto

Don't bet the farm on it.

It may be a known bug to someone, but the Find/Change function is still
a volatile .fm-crasher.  Don't ever search on a paragraph tag, then try
to replace the found tag item with text.  (If that action is beyond the
capability of the software, we should be given an error message other
than "Internal Error...FrameMaker has a headache and is going to leave
you now.  Here's a generated FrameLog_ text file to use instead."  (I

	From:  Jay Smith [SMTP:jay@jaysmith.com]
	Sent:  Thursday, December 31, 1998 08:16
	To:  jasonwatson@cybertek.com; FrameUsers List; Frame List
	Subject:  Re: Frame 5.5.3  Change/Find bug causing crash not limitedto

	This problem is a known bug that has been fixed in FM 5.5.6.  

	jasonwatson@cybertek.com wrote:
	> I have ran into this problem in Frame 5.5 when I am simply do 
	> a find/change with text only.  It seems to happen if I am 
	> searching for and replacing a string that is several words long.
	> ____________________Reply Separator____________________
	> Subject:    Frame 5.5.3  Change/Find bug causing crash not limited to ta
	> Author: Sara Schertz <SSchertz@InterfaceSoftware.com>
	> Date:       12/30/98 5:31 PM
	> Just wanted to let folks know this problem doesn't seem to be limited to
	> tables,  massive amounts of text, or global replacement, so be careful
	> and save often.

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