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RE: ellipsis

At 11:06 AM -0500 9/12/98, Suzette Seveny wrote:
>I don't believe that this is merely a stylistic issue.  Rules of grammar and
>punctuation differ depending on the country for which you are writing.  In
>Canada for example, we do not automatically default to the American
>grammar and
>punctuation rules. Our schools (and I know because I recently checked) teach
>grammar and punctuation rules similar to the UK.  All punctuation is placed
>outside of quotation marks, unless the punctuation is part of the quoted
>materials.  I write for both Canadian and American audiences (different
>material), so I try to stay aware of each country's style and idiosyncrasies.

As I wrote to Thomas once before ...

"As a Canadian I have the luxury of selecting what I like from British
English and American English and am under little pressure or compulsion to
subscribe solely to either set of conventions."

- web

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