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Word vs. FrameMaker Information

Dear Framers,

The upper management of a large organization has recently decided to phase
out FrameMaker and replace it with Word (without conversing with the users).
I'm feeding information to the inside in hopes of restraining the decision.
All information passed on retains its credits (naturally), unless otherwise
requested. Amongst other things, I have supplied Alex Ragen's Word vs.
FrameMaker - one technical writer's opinion and Carl Young's Choosing the
Right Tool for Long-Document Creation for internal consumption.

Is anyone aware of other documents, discussions, or other bits of
information that will support this cause? Any information will be helpful -
although specific information about programming Word extensions, Word SGML
support, case studies, and up-to-date-latest-version-information (97[?] vs.
5.5.6) would be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer - We have not sold any FrameMaker licenses, other applications,
or services to this organization. Our primary motivation is to support the
organization's internal FrameMaker community (friends) and the Adobe Account
Manager (friend) to keep the maximum number of FrameMaker licenses in use.
In the future, we may sell one of our FrameMaker-based applications to
perform a specific publishing task - regardless of the number of FrameMaker
licenses in use by the organization (we will sell one license of FrameMaker
too if the number goes to zero). 



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