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Website Errors

Acrobat (and Frame) Gang,

I'm encountering an error that maybe you-all could help with.

Here's the situation:  Our department has a website on our company's
intranet.  We have the table of contents and the index of one of our
manuals (in PDF--created from Frame 5.5 on Win95 via Acrobat 3.01)
linked to the website.  When a user clicks on the TOC or index, Acrobat
Reader starts up and the file opens.  The user then clicks on whatever
section he/she wants to access and that file opens up.  Now, once in the
file the error occurs when the user clicks on a cross-reference to
another document/PDF.  When the referenced document begins to open, the
Reader attempts to open the file, which now appears as a blank page, and
the Browser (Internet Explorer 3.0) hangs.

Now this error doesn't happen with Netscape, but since only a handful of
our users have Netscape....ya dig...


Benjamin J. Anderson
Guaranty Federal Bank-Documentation
1300 South Mopac
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 434-1788

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