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Re: Desparate Need of HELP-DEADLINE

At 11:53 AM 11/30/98 -0800, Joyce Uyeno wrote:
>Hi Framers and Writers,
>I'm cross posting this since I have an urgent need to figure out this
>problem. I am running FM 5.5.6 on Win98 with 128MB RAM and plenty of hard
>drive space. I tried something over the weekend, it worked then but now it's
>not working at all, here's what I'm doing.
>In FM:     Printer Setup - selected Adobe PDFWriter as the printer.
Why are you using PDFWriter? You should be using Adobe Distiller. Try Adobe
Distiller, and in the printer setup, specify Optimize for Portability.
If that doesn't fix it, then you'll have to isolate the page that's causing
the flush.
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