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PDF and Printing

In a recent printing discussion Dan Emory stated:

"By always printing from FrameMaker to a postscript file and
then distilling the postscript to produce PDF also permits all
fonts used in the
document to be embedded in the PDF file (this is an option in
Distiller). This assures that the document can be successfully
printed out to any
printer from any platform, even a platform that does not have
all of the
fonts used in the document."

I've often heard this claim of universality in regards to
printing PDFs. But, of course, I've had problems to the
contrary. Perhaps someone could help diagnose my experience. I
create drawings that contain figures and text labels (Arial and
Helvetica). When printing the PDF, the font gets converted to a
mono space font. Here's the specs:

Windows95; Frame 5.1.2; Distiller 3.0.1

Drawings created in Micrografx Designer (not a popular app., but
I like its CAD-like features)

Export the drawings as EPS (Micrografx' export filter may be the

Import the drawings (by reference) into Frame

Print to a PS file (Adobe 4.2.4 driver)

Distill (pretty sure I have all the options set right)

View the PDF on screen. Drawings look fine.

Print the PDF (HP Laserjet 5Si MX PS driver). The fonts have
gone mono-space.

The work-around (after much cursing) is to parse the original
EPS drawing through Illustrator (which gives an "Include
document fonts" option).

I can live with this process, but it really bugs me that the PDF
views OK on screen, but prints differently. I would like to
understand the process, not just find an inexplicable
work-around. Any comments would be appreciated.

Jim Stauffer
Senior Tech Writer
ArrayComm, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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