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Re: PostScript/PCL

At 11/19/98 10:53 AM , Acton, Cheryl wrote:
>With all the information on the list about FrameMaker and 
>printer drivers/font technology/PostScript/TrueType/production/Acrobat/ATM
>etc., I realize there is a lot to learn. Well, I was talking with our system
>administrator about using the new AdobePS 5.0.1 printer driver for some
>networked printers and he said incidentally, we'd probably be getting away
>from using PostScript and instead we would be using HP's PCL. Would anyone
>clue me in on the implications of this? Is this something I should present a
>case against? We use networked HP printers from Unix and NT 4.

The simplest implications are as follows:

(1) Printing directly -- if you have ANY .EPS artwork or images
in your documents, you may end up with either TIFF previews or empty
boxes if you print to non-PostScript printers. Line layout with
either TrueType or Type 1 typefaces may also differ significantly
from that which you would get with PostScript printers or printing
to the Acrobat Distiller.

(2) PDF -- You can "combat" (1) above by printing from PDF files
that you create via the Distiller. The only 'gotcha is that printing
of complex PDF-based documents to PCL and other non-PostScript printers
is often slower and of lower overall quality than when printing to
PostScript printers.

	- Dov

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