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Re: Convert FM to FM+SGML

Regular FM documents (i.e., ones that are not structured in the sense of
SGML) will move back and forth between regular FM and FM+SGML with no
difficulty at all.  Nothing is lost and neither application "cares" that it
came from the other flavour of Frame.  You will get a warning prompt when
you take a document from the SGML version and open it with the regular
version, but if you have no structure employed, you can click through it
with impunity.

If you have structure in a document in the SGML version, you can still open
it in the regular version, but you do lose the structure (with no way to
recover it).

- web

At 11:14 AM +0100 17/11/98, Annette Marx wrote:
>Hi Framers,
>is it possible to convert regular FM documents to FM+SGML and back? What
>formats/building blocks/structures get lost in the process? Is it realistic
>to plan to work with different FM versions (one with SGML and one without)
>on the same set of documents in the same  work group?
>Any suggestions will help.
> Annette Marx, M.A.
> Documentation Specialist

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