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Message:This file is not a Frame document

A tricky one I haven't seen before.


FM 5.1.1 on an ageing Power Mac (6100/60AV) running Japanese operating
system 7.5.5 with about 40 Mb of RAM. 

We are updating existing books for our next software release, and
re-formatting and changing the filenames of all files for all languages to
include .fm and .book. Due to the unavailability of 5.5.6, we are still
using 5.5.1 for double-byte languages.


After re-naming individual files and making a new .book file, the
translator/Framer started re-linking all the unresolved x-refs. 

One file, values.fm, containing x-refed headings refuses to cooperate,
however. Other files x-refed to its predecessor, values_J, cannot be
re-linked to values.fm -- when we try to re-link, we get the message:

	This file is not a Frame document

But ... values.fm can be opened normally from the .book and from the Open

She has tried converting to .mif in another folder then re-saving as .fm,
then deleting the original  before copying the miffed version back. This
works temporarily, but returns at the next Generate/Update book.

To top this off, she just reported the same problem in other files in the
same book.

help? please?


John Pitt, Technical Writer
Wilcom Pty Ltd
(02) 9578 5176

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