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RE: Don't Let the Rat Pack Get You Down

At 09:06 AM 11/10/98 -0600, Anderson, Ben wrote:
>Major Snip....
>>Again, Marcus, you are engaging in an inappropriate personal attack here.
>>Please do not misuse the list in this way.
>Hmm, I'm a little confused...So, it's okay if Dan calls people "rat
>packs" and "apologists" and accuses people of "intimidating" others, but
>it's not okay for the rest of us, right?  Gee, I thought that this was
>the FREE Framers list...
You missed what I thought was my best pejorative: "Trained Seals."

There is, however, a netiquette distinction between polemics directed at an
individual, and polemics directed at a group, membership in which requires
the reader to conclude that (s)he is fits the writer's description of the group.

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