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Graphic Formats (revisited) - Corel 8 is the culprit!

Thanks to all who sent suggestions regarding importing WMFs into FM. 

We have determined that the problem is with the Corel 8 export filter.
If the original Corel 7 file is exported to WMF from Corel 7, everything
is fine. The graphic displays and prints beautifully, even when "Print
Spot Color as B/W" turned on.

HOWEVER, if I open the Corel 7 file in Corel 8 and export it to WMF from
Corel 8 (even w/o saving it as Corel 8 first), it loses resolution. This
occurs when importing to both FM and Word.

I almost convinced my TI to upgrade to Corel 8 a few months ago - now
we're both glad he didn't! I'm going to contact Corel to see if there is
an upgrade that fixes this problem. (Anyone know if there is a Corel
mailing list?)



Chris Welch-Hutchings
Senior Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.

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