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AutoSelectTray problem with HP

Dov, et al;
I have figured out my very unusual problem of the HP LJ 5 Si Mx PS
printer defaulting to Tray 1 ( a manual feed tray) instead of Auto
Select Tray even though the Control Panel | Printers | Properties
default is set to Auto Select tray.

The culprit is Acrobat Distiller 3.01 PPD!  (and NOT 4.2.4 as I may have
originally suspected, sorry Dov.)  I had AD 3.01 set as default printer.
 And in FrameMaker and Novell GroupWise apps, when I switched the
printer to my HP LJ5, the printer properties would default to the manual
feed tray 1.  (...but only in those apps, and esp not in any of the
MSWierd Office apps.)

So, I did an experiment.  I reset the default printer to our HP LJ5 from
the Control Panel.  Wha-La, all of the problem apps (notably FM and
GrpWs) now default to Auto Select Tray for the HP LJ 5, as they are
supposed to.

Further experimenting, all I had to do was select Acrobat Distiller from
the print dialog box in either of those two apps, do nothing else, then
reselect our HP LJ5, and the HP LJ5 properties in the app get reset to
the unwanted manual feed Tray 1!

Conclusion:  Selecting the Acrobat Distiller 3.01 printer as the default
will cause the HP LJ 5 to be set at manual feed tray 1 when selected
from the app dialog box, but not for MSWierd/Office apps.  

So I reset my default printer back to the HP LJ 5, so I do not have to
remind myself to reset the properties to Auto Select Tray every time I
print from Novell's GroupWise or FrameMaker.  I'll just have to remember
to set the printer to AD 3.01 whenever I convert to PDF.  

Now ready to reinstall the 4.2.4 Adobe PS driver and change the
string(s) in the PPD file to 2015, again.  


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