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Re: Single sided vs double sided manuals

I note that the original post indicated these manuals were FULL
COLOR.  Last time I looked at DUPLEXING color lasers, they were very
pricey -- much more so than adding duplex capability to a b&w laser. 
Part of the problem is that to "tumble" the pages and keep the machine
moving at rated speed there are generally FOUR page sides being
processed and in memory at any given time -- that takes a bigger
faster processor and much more memory.

Since such a machine might not be in the budget and since the hassles
and inconveniences of using a "service provider" (read Kinko's) for a
couple COLOR duplexed jobs, it really might be tremendously cheaper to
do it single sided.  If you manually tumble the job, all it takes is
one bad page feed to wreck the entire publication -- and color pages
are not cheap.

Just my musings -- and frustrations.

I agree with all other comments made.  

Jay Smith

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