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Re: losing colour in Acrobat


Thank you for your input.  I spent hour and hours with several
of Adobe's technical support people (who were most often
extraordinarily helpful, despite hearsay evidence to the
contrary) on this issue, and for whatever reason, found
the Apple II NTX driver to yield the highest success rate
for printing and PDF problems that we were encountering.

Admittedly, though, I did not attempt to produce PDF
in CMYK, since most of our documentation was designed
to be used online; hence, we used RGB color space,
and this produced satisfactory color when printed from
both laser and inkjet printers.   Still, on the Win95
platform, the TIFF (tagged information file format)
images produced monochrome when distilled to PDF,
while the MS-native .bmp images rendered color.

For larger color images, indexed/adaptive color was
used (from Photoshop) to reduce the color palette to
256 (8-bit per channel), thereby reducing the file size
to render more quickly onscreen.  This was a compromise,
but in most cases it worked very well.


-- Tom

Dov Isaacs wrote:

> Most likely, the problem is related to use of the WRONG driver
> with FrameMaker and the Distiller. A Windows'9X bug aggrevated
> by the PSCRIPT driver (the PostScript driver that comes with
> Windows'95/98) and the AdobePS 4.1.x driver (from Adobe for use
> only with imaging devices [and the Distiller] using Adobe PostScript
> software, not clones) causes certain color image objects to have
> monochrome PostScript generated IFF the default printer is a
> monochrome printer. Based upon my originally finding this problem
> and analyzing it, Adobe made some changes in the AdobePS 4.2.X drivers
> that gets around the problem. In other words, if the PPD calls for
> color, you get it regardless of whether the default printer is color.
> I would be dramatically surprised if installation of AdobePS 4.2.4
> didn't fix this problem.
>         - Dov

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